About Us

The Team at Ecotree Solutions ideate, design, and deliver technology solutions for businesses and organizations that transform how they manage their peripheral security. Our emphasis is on designing the most user-friendly solutions that are instantly deployable, secure and scalable.

Organizations have been on a mission to digitize their core workflow processes and meet ever increasing customer demands. However, many of their non-core functions, especially peripheral security functions such as their Front Desk/Reception, logistics, and asset movement, remain in a different age.

Vishal Baid Jain (Director, Co-Founder)

A business Icon from Rajasthan, Has 21 Years of experience.
President(chapter)of Mahaveer International NGO, Member of FKCCI,
Also an active volunteer of better India Association,
Member of Karnataka Paper merchants & stationery Association,
prior to beginning his start-up journey in 2014.

Ish Kumar (Director, Co-Founder)

A Techie who turned into businessman & is deeply passionate about technology. Every great company needs a numbers man. We're lucky to have one of the better ones in the country. Ish audits our numbers and ensures we're as solid as can be. He has managed small and large organizations and keeps the structure of the business tight and together. He believes in serving mankind by bringing new simplified technology to make life better & comfortable.

Abhinav Pandey (Team Lead and Architect)

Grown up with programming languages, Abhinav bends them to the needs of creativity in order to create impeccable solutions.

Jogendersingh Chouhan (Operation Head & Quality control)

A young entrepreneur who has had experiences in fields like foodtech industry and education platform. Jogender has his hands in manufacturing and industrial production. Now he is set out to provide his services to mankind to make their life simpler. He is a multipotentialite who happens to be great at everything he does.

Seshine Jacob (Senior Software Developer)

Expert in designing props and sets at every degree of complexity from tiny to gargantuan, Jacob provides shape & volume to the ideas.

Kriti Bhasin (HR Head)

A freelancer from Tbilisi, Georgia, Has 7 years of experience in ensuring successful growth and finding the right solution for any business problem. She leads projects from start to finish and has worked with clients of all sizes across many countries.

B.Deepak Kumar Sales Head(south zone)

A graduate from National Institute of business management with experience over 12 years in sales & marketing.

Nitesh Hada Sales Head(North zone)

Enthusiastic in business domain in order to generate more leads fo the product sales with experience over 4 years in sales & marketing.

Ashutosh Verma (Design Head)​

Working as Design Head at Ecotree Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Seeking a full-time position in designing UI/UX, product prototypes, digital marketing and targeting design phases for cross platform development for mobile & web app of Justa, so as to dynamically put my skills to maximum use through determination, hard work and dedication to achive outputs & successful results as well as benefit the organization.

Mr. Suresh Sales Head(West zone)

Product sales with experience over 20 years in sales & marketing in Hospital sectors.